Fresh Produce

From our Head Office in Murwillumbah we provide regular services to all capital city produce markets. Our knowledge and experience in all aspects of produce transport including on farm pickups, storage, pre cooling and food safety (HACCP) combine to offer a reliable and efficient service to the growers of the North Coast region.

Produce must often be transported as part of fresh handling, whether from the field to the packinghouse, from the packinghouse to storage facility, or to various destination markets. During transport, produce must be stacked in ways that minimise damage, then be braced and secured.

Refrigerated transport is highly recommended for most perishable horticultural produce. Temperature management is especially critical during long distance transport, and proper airflow is the most important factor in ensuring that the load stays cool. Loads must be stacked to enable proper air circulation to carry away heat from the produce itself as well as incoming heat from the atmosphere and off the road. Transport vehicles should be well insulated to maintain cool environments for pre-cooled commodities and loads should be braced away from the side walls and back door of the trailer.